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Design and Deploy your own iPhone and iPad Application

Design and Deploy your own iPhone and iPad Application

iPhone App Maker

Finally, you have that phone-sized or pad sized gadget where you can browse the internet on hours, play music or watch videos wherever you are, take pictures anytime and share all of these whenever you want. Your new toy is as lovely as its manufacturer has promised with its multi-touch screen, downloading ability that is faster than a personal computer and automatic switch of view from portrait to landscape depending on how you handle it. But, while exploring the widgets installed, don’t you wish to personalize it more by designing and deploying your own application?

There is of course the choice of paying iPhone or iPad application programmers to do the job as you specify. You just have to be financially prepared as this entails paying thousands of dollars that many would probably choose to buy ready-made applications rather than customizing their own. Appcraft.org is a website that offers a wide variety of downloadable applications. Each product has reviews which may serve as your guide if the app will be beneficial to you or not.

Anyway, it may seem that to design and deploy your own application is possible only in your dreams especially if you are not versed with SQLite database and other programming-related software, let alone know how to use them. However, this is not just a dream anymore with AppWizard. This is a website distinguished as an iPad and iPhone app creator. It allows its users to build their dream application then modify it as needed 24-hours a day,7 days a week. The site does not leave their clients to discover the simple way of creating their own app. It will assist with every step of the designing process from the colors you will use to the name and icon you prefer. It even provides the choice to develop applications entirely from scratch or turn a regular website into an iPhone app. Note that the iPhone apps you created through this wizard is compatible to your iPad as iPhone apps or you can open them through iPad Safari.

Moreover, AppWizard will not leave you after perfecting your application. It will let you install your app and make sure it runs just the way you like it, or deploy it in technical terms. It will host your app and monitor it with its dedicated server. AppWizard will also assist you in launching your work in AppStore using their Apple Account or you could pay an additional fee for it to be published in your very own Apple Account. Whether your work will be available for free or with a free depends on you.

Using this iPhone app creator is as easy as click, drag and drop with a minimal price that is incomparable to hiring programmer firms. Another reason for this choice is that it allows clients to subscribe for the creation only or up until they want to. Long term users though are free to edit their products as they wish.

So what are you waiting for? Subscribe now and get started creating that dream app then publish it in AppStore in a matter of minutes. With the newest iPhone version being talked to come out this summer and the AppWizard iPad Edition available soon, creating your own app will let you enjoy your iPhone and iPad experience better.

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