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HTML and Code Editor for Windows

HTML and Code Editor for Windows

Creating web pages is a tedious task. For you to get the result you want, everything needs to be perfect. There should be no errors committed, for a single mistake could ruin your project. To help you with this, there are HTML editors. These are software applications that you can utilize when you are creating web pages.

There are various forms of HTML editors. There are text editors, object editors and what you see is what you get editors. Each of these has its own features and their own uses. When you are doing plain text, then go for the text editor. Meanwhile, when you are dealing with objects and visual presentations, then the object editor will be the best for you. Moreover, when you want to provide an editing interface that resembles how a page will be displayed in a web browser, then use the “what you see is what you get” editor.

What happens then if you want to deal with the three functions? Surely you cannot be switching applications al the time. That would take too much of your time, and it would be a huge waste on your part. Instead of doing more work, you are there tied up to only a little of it. Let me introduce to you a software that allows you to do this three things, while opening only one application.

CodeX Writer is an HTML and code editor that is purposely designed for Windows. It is internet-ready, is Unicode and UTF-8 enabled, and has an FTP powered test. This has a syntax highlighting that you can customize for any language of your preference and for any workspace or project that you are going to do. It also has a flexible project support that allows you to develop and maintain complex projects. Here, you can also organize your files in a hierarchical order. The workspaces also enable you to keep sets of recently opened files and window layouts.

While you are doing your project, changes that you have recently made can be viewed immediately, even without loading any external browser. With the FTP server, you can open, edit and save files right into it. You can also upload files and whole folders with this in just a single click. CodeX Writer supports HTML, CSS, C++, Java Script and PHP, making it easy for you to view the outline of your code and navigate through it. You can also run a third party directly from CodeX Writer such as web tools and C++ compilers so that you don’t need to go and fumble over different applications while you are doing your project. Instead of doing your start-offs over and over again whenever you create a new document, with CodeXWriter, you can simply organize this. This application also allows you to customize your HTML toolbars which can be so much fun.

This HTML editor software surely makes web page creations much easier. No more difficult ordeals designing your web pages. With CodeX Writer, working with HTML would not only be easier, but it would also be fun

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