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DVD Creator Software

DVD Creator Software

DVDs are great media for entertainment. They are especially significant for their reliability and large storage capacity. In today’s advanced entertainment and media platforms, DVDs still stand out popular for their universality. Not all households possess a Blue-ray or a HD media player. But most of us have a DVD player in some form – standalone or as a peripheral. As such, DVDs remain as the most common media for enjoying movies, songs, home videos or accessing data storage.

At home, if you want to create DVDs (movies, music or data), you need a DVD creator or authoring software. Depending on the data type you can choose from simple (and free) DVD authoring software or high-end industrial software. Free versions can be downloaded from the Internet and are good for very basic DVD creation i.e. creating a music DVD or data DVD. But professional style DVD creation (like those available from movie industries) would need a much better software.

One of the most common uses of the DVD authoring software is to compile and convert home videos into playable DVDs. You may have piles of video tapes, DV or VHS cassettes in your home. These software allow you to transfer all your home videos into fewer DVD discs, thereby helping you in getting rid of the cluttering piles of cassettes or mini discs or CDs.

With DVD authoring software, you can create movie discs with advanced features like interactive menu, capture facilities and easy navigational tools. Some allow you to add subtitles from text transcriptions. Before choosing the right DVD authoring software, you must identify your DVD creation needs. It may so happen that a completely free downloadable version may satisfy your simple needs. If you however, need advanced functionalities you may need to buy one.

There is no single best DVD creator software. They differ in features and functions. It is completely useless to buy an expensive DVD authoring software when you are likely to use only a small part of its features. Before buying a software, look for following features in professional DVD authoring software:

- Menu creation ability, chapter splitting, and ease of navigation with menu buttons.

- Built-in DVD burning software/feature.

- Capture capabilities i.e. whether the software allows capturing videos from VCRs, Camcorders, digital cameras, TVs etc.

- If you need to edit your video after capturing and before burning on DVDs, look for a bundled movie editor

- Ease of installation in terms of system requirements and installation procedures.

- Availability of both online and offline help/support, manuals, tutorials etc.

- Availability of trial versions.

For basic DVD authoring, look for best DVD creator software from hundreds of free titles available for download. Shorten your list based on reviews and rankings and then try two or three free software to see if they are enough for you. If you still need better options, some suggested products are, DVD MovieFactory Pro, Sony DVD Architect Studio, ImTOO DVD Creator and a cheaper version called Leawo DVD Creator. Don’t forget to run trials of their demo/trial versions before you finalize your purchase.

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