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DJ Mixing Software

DJ Mixing Software

To any music lover, watching a DJ click on the buttons if his machine, swipe the CDs to change songs, and alter the pacing and beats of a song would certainly put you in awe. Watching the DJ would be so much better than going out there to dance. Appreciation of the music being made by the DJ gets you caught up, not bothering to look at what is happening to the rest of the room. For sure, you would also like to try out what he is doing, especially since the DJ got you open-mouthed with his music. There may be times that you yourself would like to mix also the music, and see the results if it will be good to hear or not. However, no DJ or no record company would let you touch their machines, for these are precious ones, expensive, so to speak. These are things to be taken care of, only touched by those who know what they are doing. You then, are left with no choice but to sit in the corner, admiring from afar since you cannot do it yourself.

Those agonizing days are now over, for there’s a software that you can get, to make you feel like a real DJ. MixVibes CROSS is a software that is specially designed to mix in the most complete and efficient way just like a DJ. This allows you up to 4 turntables and CD turntables at the same time. It also provides a 16 pattern sampler and full management of the VST effects, Direct effects, MIDI, and other controllers that are available. Included in the package for this awesome product are timecoded vinyls, MixVibes’ latest white vinyls and black vinyls. These products will allow you to have real time control over the music. It will not be very complicated, it would just feel like your normal CD that is playing.

With this product, you can have real scratch control over the vinyl and other parts of the component. It has a high sound quality and low latency time which can be as low as 1ms which is very hard to differentiate. Video scratching is possible for three monitors at the same time, therefore making you look like a real DJ. It is also a sixth generation professional audio engine with modern sound cards management such as Multi channel sound cards, ASIO and Fire Wire. You can have up to sixteen virtual players. Moreover, it has automatic BPm adjustment and song synchronization. You can select the reproduction speed separately and you may also choose the time and pitch. The crossfader function allows you to mix between songs. The sounds are adjustable for it has a bass, mean and a treble.

These features of this DJ mixing software are really a wonder. You can now do your thing, and hit it like a pro, exactly like a DJ. You’re not the person at the corner anymore, but you are the person with his own DJ mixing software, one who can act like a real DJ even without spending a second in that job

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Virtual DJ Studio

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