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IP Database and Information Query Program

IP Database and Information Query Program

 ip address locationInternet literally is a huge source of knowledge and information. The information superhighway or cyberspace, as it is popularly known, provides us useful information and allows us to communicate for personal, official or business purposes. Internet has also become a major platform of economic or business activities. A growing trend of e-commerce and online trades is what we see in today’s ICT driven world. Internet features hundreds of benefits to our private and business lives. But, the cyberspace has its limitations and disadvantages too. The free world of Internet is also cluttered with scam websites, phishing pages and other frauds. In online business, security is a big concern and there are many tools to prevent fraudulent attempts.

In order to ensure a provider/client’s authenticity, tools like IP database and information query programs are extremely useful. An IP database and information query software helps you identifying the IP address of a person or a website and find out necessary associated information like domain, geographical information, host, security certificate etc. For an example, if you find a website is promoting products and services in the USA with an IP address location of India, you have all the reasons to be worried. On the other hand, you might run a online business where you want a customer base of a particular geographical and not any other area. In both the above examples, an IP database and query program will do the trick for you.

IP database and information query is extremely useful for government law enforcing agencies. Wherever available, the cyber crime monitoring and investigation branch of the law enforcing agencies can make best use of these software to identify thefts, hacking, money laundering and other crimes with traces of online presence.

IP database and query programs works using WHOIS as their basic protocol and Transmission Control Protocol or TCP. WHOIS protocol is especially useful for system administrators or domain name administrators. Primarily a command line web service, the WHOIS protocol is now used in many IP database and query software for varying needs.

One such software I came across is Miscosoftware’s Cruiser Geo2IP. This lightweight software allows searching for geographical information by querying the worldwide database. The query arithmetic is optimized for efficient information search. It’s easy to use for a very simple yet powerful query interface. Customizable search specifying a city, country, continent etc is also a great feature of Geo2IP. It is available as a shareware. For advanced IP query, Geo2IP is a good choice for small entrepreneurs and administrative agencies. Other similar software are Lapshins Whois 2010 Pro and SoftFuse Whois 2.5. I suggest trying all of them before buying one.

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