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10 Successful Testing Tips For Offshore Software Development Company

10 Successful Testing Tips For Offshore Software Development Company

From Kadyn Ramiro:  We have heard of many instances where well developed software by the software developers at offshore software development company has failed because of its poor features and many more where the software has performed outstandingly well. This is possible because the latter went into thorough software testing process which ensured all the bugs and distractions from the software were removed.

Software testing for an offshore software development company assures that the software developed by the software developers works error free. But still it is not a haphazard process and needs proper strategy to be successful.

Benefits of Software Testing to the Offshore Software Development Company:

1) Testing is the 7th step in a software development cycle

2) It makes the software viable for use

3) Helps software developers achieve objective of providing error free software

4) Checks if all the units of the software work perfectly

5) Successful testing aims to find all the hidden bugs

Here are 10 successful software testing tips which are instrumental in the success of an offshore software development company

1) Test using different scenarios: Any product developed by offshore software development company tends to work differently in different scenarios. Determine all the different scenarios for the product and try testing
it for each of them. Remember the testing version of the software should be same as to be provided to the end users.

2) Create test procedure: A write-up should be made describing what should be tested; what should be the outcome; and their different combinations. The testing should give the same results as per the write up.

3) Create data requirement: If the product developed by the offshore software development companies uses database then load some typical data for the test. Then test different combinations of data requirement.

4) Assign Duties: Just like different software developers look into the different aspects of the development, testing of different features should be assigned to different testers.

5) Bug recording: A system should be devised through which the bugs found during the offshore software development company’s software testing should be reported. It can be done by email, chat, ping or preparing Excel sheets.

6) Schedule the testing: It should be so devised that there should be enough scope for repetitive testing. Each testing schedule for the software developed by the software developers should be cleared before the other round begins.

7) Arrange all Materials required: These are the materials required while discussing the test outcome with the clients. Materials include completely functional computer
, list of all the errors found, test procedures and scenarios etc.

8) Decide the start date: Decide the date when the testing of the software developed by the software development company will start. On the day call for a meeting and discuss the complete process including how the bugs will be reported and corrected.

9) Testing Afresh: Once the bugs in the software are detected and corrected it should be tested again from the beginning. The process should continue until no new bugs are found.

10) Reward: Successful completion of the task calls for a reward to all the testers. This would also boost their moral spirit and keep them motivated to perform even better each time.

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  1. Thank you for this article about testing. In fact for new developers and companies your tips are very valuable.

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