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Appcraft Launches New iPhone Friendly Site
Appcraft Launches New iPhone Friendly Site

Appcraft Launches New iPhone Friendly Site

The team of AppCraft launched a new web site optimized for iPhone and  iPod Touch devices, offering the ability to browse for news from Mobile Magazine, view blog posts, browsing the application catalog, to getting access of exclusive coupons. The site is specially designed for iPhone and iPod Touch, and makes use of the rotating screen and touch navigation. Mobile devices with related screen size and internet connection should be able to browsing this site in good style also.

Appcraft CEO Wolfgang Schmuck says “that mobile e-commerce is becoming a multi-billion dollar business by reason that consumers are rapidly adopting mobile shopping as a way to buy physical and digital goods”.

Developed and coded by WebinCode Studio, the WordPress based site has a handy design and allows Visitors to finding links to download-able software, mobility news, coupons to getting apps cheaper or they can try the search engine tool from the menu also.

This mobile website version of Appcraft also allows for RSS feeds to be viewed as links, giving greater access and functionality to mobile browsers, and tying in nicely with their latest RSS feed for mobile site discovery. Along with a site updating and a new running tab of the number of mobile friendly sites they’ve indexed it looks like very professional.

Appcraft’s main business is to offer digital software application and information for mobile and desktop computers, as well as free downloads and software purchase powered by RegNow! and eSellerate, supported by e-commerce partners which are specialize to help customers in providing quick and easy electronic purchase transactions.

With smart phone sales up near by 50% in the first quarter of 2010, never before has it been so easy to browse the internet on the go, anywhere, anytime from the palm of your hand. For more information about this mobile-friendly version, interested individuals are invited to visit the web site m.appcraft.org.

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