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How To Protect My Privacy While I'm Surfing In The Internet
How To Protect My Privacy While I’m Surfing In The Internet

How To Protect My Privacy While I’m Surfing In The Internet

If you are using the internet frequently, you probably know that privacy online is absolutely necessary. Maybe you are wondering How to protect your privacy while surfing in the internet. Thankfully, internet privacy software is available today to all users who want to use it together with a web browser, in order to ensure anonymity when surfing online.

Users need to download a Proxy Server Software, an agent which can shield their connections when surfing the internet, when visiting websites and downloading files. This type of proxy can be used with webmails, meaning with email accounts that are web based.

A free Windows Proxy Software can be a well appointed proxy management system which allows users to search for the proxy they need – the one that meets their needs and requirements. Free software can provide an extended system that allows updates and changes, using some kind of proxy scheduler. Users can change the cascades based on the time or connection or even randomly. They can also use it as a regular local server. A proxy Servers List is required in this case.

What should a well appointed Free Windows Proxy Software do? First of all it should be able to work with any Online Proxy Server, CGI proxies and more. It should also have a comprehensive import and export list feature, allowing users to create the custom lists selecting the settings and fields they need and export them to a typical . Txt file format.

It should be able to detect connections for all browsers, including Opera – usually Mozilla and Internet Explorer are by default included. It should allow the user to choose any new created services as default, and provide the user with enhanced proxy management options, in order to give him the chance to import and export any list of sites used in updates. Users should be allowed to use any type of list they have from third party proxies, simplifying the update process and procedure.

People, who want to surf online ensuring their anonymity, without leaving traces behind them, know that the best way to hide their IP address is the use of a well appointed and functional Free Windows Proxy Software that will allow them to customize their search and surfing, without leaving any holes and windows open.

There are many reasons why some people do not like others to know what they are doing online, ranging from a simple avoidance of indiscreet looks, to getting around internet restrictions. In any case, today, a Proxy Server can be the solution to all these concerns.

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