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Android, iOS head to head; BlackBerrys to be hit the hardest | ZDNet

Android, iOS head to head; BlackBerrys to be hit the hardest | ZDNet


By Zack Whittaker | October 4, 2011, 6:39am PDT

Apple, in whatever form today’s launch may take, is investing a lot in the next-generation smartphone.

iOS’ marketshare has stagnated at below 10 percent over the past year, increasing this year from 26 percent in April to 27 percent in July, according to comScore figures out in August.

Because Android runs on a variety of smartphones and therefore has a wider scope for market penetration, its share is far higher at from 36.4 percent in April to 41.8 percent in July. With this, it shows faster growth and expansion across the U.S. market.

As the BlackBerry share continues to drop from 25 percent to 21 percent between April and July, its dwindling figures leaves little to its defense.

iOS 5 alone will not knock out Android from the top spot of mobile operating systems. For Apple to come close, it needs to either sell more devices running iOS, or to increase its breadth across the iOS compatibility range.

Apple’s share is limited to the iPhone and iPad, but is nevertheless held back by the traditional iPod as the thorn in its side. If Apple is to kill off a selection of the traditional iPod classic and shuffle models in favour of an iOS 5 powered iPod touch, the fight is on with Android as its nearest competitor.

While the increased spread of iOS devices may not displace Android’s share, it could have a lasting effect on the BlackBerry; with recently announced phones hoping to rejuvenate poor sales and a meagre financial forecast.

BlackBerrys have, for some time, been the black sheep of the mobile market. While handsets are broad in range and have a higher, greater scope than the Windows Phone range, Microsoft doesn’t seem to want to compete just yet. Had it wanted to, it would have sped up the Nokia deal to ensure the phone giant floods the market with upcoming Windows powered handsets.

As Research in Motion hangs on by its claws to the edge of the marketshare cliff, Android and iOS combined will be an unstoppable force in the mobile operating system marketshare. Microsoft, Research in Motion and Nokia will be left out in the dark as the top two battle it out — as seen in the ongoing patent spat, probably in court. http://m.zdnet.com/blog/btl/android-ios-head-to-head-blackberrys-to-be-hit-the-hardest/59654

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