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Facebook Adds Identity Theft Protection

Facebook Adds Identity Theft Protection

Facebook Login Sign UpFacebook is testing out two new security applications to help users protect their accounts from being compromised by dangerous third-party apps or hackers.

In an blog post from the last days, the social networking giant unveiled the “trusted friends” feature to help users regain control of their account and application passwords to prevent malicious third-party apps from accessing account data. The features are planned to rolled out within the next weeks.

Facebook has provided a number of security tools recently, including Login Approvals, Login Notifications and One-Time Passwords. It’s also developed back-end systems to block spam from user accounts, malicious links from being posted on the Wall and stop potential cross-site scripting attacks, according to an infographic the team posted on the blog. Even with the measures in place, more than 600,000 accounts are compromised each day, according to the infographic. More info here

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