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RealPlayer Still Sees ~10,000 UK Downloads Daily

RealPlayer Still Sees ~10,000 UK Downloads Daily

realPlayerRealPlayer hits the grand old age of 16 this year and RealNetworks’ managing director revealed to TechRadar that between 8,000 and 12,000 UK internet users now download the program every day.

The firm is on track to shift about 100 million copies of RealPlayer globally this year – which may surprise anyone who abandoned the multimedia software after its liberal attitude to changing users’ settings without asking for permission and making itself the go-to software for, well, basically anything.

But where RealPlayer was once the go-to programmed for streaming video online, it’s now largely been replaced by Flash; these days, users are opting for the company video downloading know-how, which makes it easy to save video from online to your desktop, as well as easy sharing and format conversion for use on smartphones and PDAs.
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