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Acer Predicts a Resurgence of Microsoft Software

Acer Predicts a Resurgence of Microsoft Software

Acer Ultrabook

(Credit: Acer)

Acer Chairman JT Wang sees the new Windows 8 operating system as more potent challenge to Apple in the upcoming years.

The challenge right now for Microsoft and Windows is the strong growth of Apple’s iOS on smartphones and tablets , according to an article in Taipei-based Digitimes, which reported Wang’s comments on Monday.

Microsoft’s Windows “has not had any achievements within these two markets that can help it gain share,” precipitating a decline in Netbook shipments and resulting in only “slight” growth in the traditional laptop market, according to the report citing Wang’s comments.

But Windows 8 could change this. Over the next couple of years, Wang sees a resurgence of the Microsoft camp on the back of Windows 8 as Microsoft responds more effectively to “consumer demands,” according to the report. The launch of Windows 8 is expected no later than 2013.
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