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Firewalls Can't Keep up With DDoS Attacks

Firewalls Can’t Keep up With DDoS Attacks


By John E Dunn from PC World:

Companies still rely heavily on firewalls to defend themselves against denial-of-service attacks despite the fact that this class of device is often not up to the task, a new survey by F5 Networks has found.

The survey of 1000 medium and large organizations in ten countries found that up to 45 percent of respondents experience such attacks on a regular basis, a mixture of application and network-layer incursions.

About half rated denial of service attacks as highly effective with 79 percent saying they still relied on firewalls to deflect them despite 42 percent finding that such devices were ineffective against conventional attacks at the network layer. More at PC World:   http://www.pcworld.com/article/243743/firewalls_cant_keep_up_with_ddos_attacks.html#tk.rss_news

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