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With Skype Now Facebook-to-Facebook Video Calling

With Skype Now Facebook-to-Facebook Video Calling


   Facebook, it seems, has become the official spokesperson of the internet, or the symbol of the World Wide Web (at least for Americans, anyway). In the daily newspaper, the logo is seen printed with almost every ad. On television, they’re spotted on TV commercials along with a link to the advertiser’s Facebook page. A good number of websites require a Facebook login, and even chat clients like the recently upgraded AIM (which has thoroughly pissed off recent and long-time users) offers Facebook chat connectivity.

Skype is just as guilty. It integrated Facebook features into the Windows and Mac client some time ago adding items like news feeds, instant messaging and status updating. And back in July, actual Facebook video calling — powered by Skype — was launched on the social network. The feature isn’t exactly out in the open like all the other links lined up and down the Facebook page, but rather appears as a small video camera in the chat window of a Facebook friend when they’re online.

But web surfers who use both Facebook and Skype can now conduct Facebook to Facebook video chat right within the latest Skype beta client for Mac (5.4) and Windows PC (5.7). Users simply double-click on….more here http://goo.gl/L8INm

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