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Google Offers Now Application Search Option

Google Offers Now Application Search Option

Google Application Search

Credit: Appy Geek

Google offers “Application” search choice:

With Google being such a beast, that hides behind one of the most minimal facades on the planet, it sometimes takes a while for people to realise significant changes have been implemented at the search giant.

New search option arrives without any Fanfair:
For instance the news that “Applications” is now a filter choice next to “Blogs” “News” “Images” “Videos” on the left hand side of your google search results comes as a surprise to me. I can however confirm that this feature is not currently working for google.co.uk search options but does work when I switch to .com and there is indeed an “Application” filter in the google result options on the left.

Google offers “Application” search choice
This feature does make a lot of sense as finding “apps” is often a nightmare, though this move does potentially hit GetJar and such like where it hurts.

I say potentially, as it could be a possibility that the sheer rank weight of a site like GetJar may end up giving favourable results for them, its all gravy in the end for Google really.

I have not fully tested how the algorithm might work,

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