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Facebook Still the Nr. 1 Social Media Tool for Small Businesses

Facebook Still the Nr. 1 Social Media Tool for Small Businesses

According to the Fall 2011 Attitudes and Outlook Survey from Constant contact, small businesses are becoming more savvy with social media marketing and are using it more & more to interact with customers.

It’s no surprise that Facebook is the most preferred social media platform; as per reports it is said to be used by 96% of small businesses, this is up from 82% last season. What is interesting though is that 86% of the respondents find it the most effective social media tool for their needs. I wonder why the other 10% continue to use Facebook if they don’t think it is helping their business?

While small businesses are well on board with social media marketing, they do admit that they are lagging behind when it comes to mobile. 72% of the survey respondents said that they have not teamed up mobile with any business functionality. This is a big part of the market they are missing out on but also a great opportunity to explore the mobile media space.
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Source: Rene LeMerle from smallbusinessnewz

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