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Study Predicts Shocking Jumps in Cloud Traffic

Study Predicts Shocking Jumps in Cloud Traffic

Although a recent study from Cisco determined that no global region is prepared for widespread adoption of advanced cloud applications, it also predicts that the world’s cloud computing traffic will dramatically growing in the upcoming years.

We all know that cloud computing is experiencing rapid growth, but a new study by Cisco estimates shocking jumps in cloud adoption. The company’s Global Cloud Index predicts 12 times more cloud traffic by 2015, compared with 2010.

Cisco estimates that global cloud traffic in 2015 will be 1.6 zettabytes (ZBs), 12 times more than the 130 exabytes (EBs) in 2010. In other words, individual months in 2015 will experience as much traffic as the entire year of 2010. In this new “zettabyte era” of cloud computing, the company expects that the cloud will account for 34 percent of total data center traffic.

The study says that data center traffic will increase by fourfold to reach 4.8 zettabytes by the end of 2015. For the research, Cisco characterized traffic by services delivered to the end user.
Source: smartertechnology

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  1. Mck #

    Cisco has of course direct interest in cloud computing, so it may very well be that their projections are a little bit… uhm… optimistic. That said, it is certainly true that the cloud will get bigger and bigger, especially on the business side of things, since it provides cheaper, faster and more efficient work. Many are still in doubt because of security/privacy issues, so that´s the sector that needs more improvement right now and that could hinder such a rapid growth, especially if some other incident like last year´s happen again (remember Google´s security breach? http://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/20/technology/20google.html?hp).

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