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Firefox May Be Struggle, But It's Not Out of the Race

Firefox May Be Struggle, But It’s Not Out of the Race

Firefox LogoThe buzz on the street is that Firefox, everyone’s favorite underdog, has hit the ropes.

If you haven’t seen the obituary yet, it goes something like this:

  • Depending on your sources, Chrome is either overtaking Firefox (per Net Applications) or has already overtaken Firefox (per StatCounter) in market share.
  • Firefox’s chaotic shift to a much faster development cycle and inscrutable — at one point invisible — version numbers made a lot of enemies, particularly in IT shops. Its bug-handling slip-ups, exacerbated by the breakneck schedule, alienated even more.

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Source. InfoWorld

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  1. Mck #

    That´s kind of sad to hear. I can´t really imagine Firefox not being there, but I guess they missed the opportunity to jump on the mobile bandwagon and now they´re paying for it. I wonder if they were intentionally prevented from doing so, though.

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