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Fixing the Most Common PC Errors

Fixing the Most Common PC Errors


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A common phrase that many tech support reps hear is “fix my computer”. This can be quite annoying since there could be one of a million things wrong along with millions of causes for the issues. Depending on the symptoms, there are several ways to “fix my computer” but we’ll hit on a few of the most common issues.

If my computer is simply running slow and seems bogged down, the easiest way to fix my computer would be to do some system cleanup. Most antivirus programs such as Norton, Bitdefender, and MacAfee have pc diagnostic tools built in to clean up your hard drive and remove broken registry entries and old garbage slowing down the pc. If you do not have diagnostic tools on the computer already, you can download several programs such as SmartPCFixer which is a program designed to optimize your computer speed and to fix system errors. A program like this could easily fix my computer or at least speed it up a bit. If a virus or malware program is what is slowing down or compromising the pc, a virus software download or professional help may be needed to repair my PC depending on how severe the situation. If a specific program is what is hurting the computer’s performance, deleting the software and reinstalling could fix my computer as well as downloading updates or patch fixes for the software.

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