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Aiseesoft Studio Released New Mac iOS Management Software

This new developed Mac iOS transfer and management software can transfer files between Mac and iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod). Now you can manage your mobile digital life easily.

Here some cool features:
✔ Transfer music, photos, movies, contacts from Mac to iPhone/iPad/iPod
✔ Import music, photos, contacts, playlists, albums from iOS device to Mac
✔ Backup iPhone/iPad/iPod files to iTunes
✔ Transfer multimedia files, playlists, albums and contacts from an iDevice to another
✔ Manage your music, photos, messages, contacts, etc.
✔ Compatible with iOS 8, iTunes 11

Buy now! Click Here


It’s More Fun With A Speedy Mac!

When you sit down at your computer you want to get done what needs to get done no matter what the thing is. Including paying bills online or looking up a movie time, it doesn’t matter how big or small the job is that you need to do on the computer what matters is not having to wait a ton of time to start up or to look up something because your computer is clogged with extra files that have accumulated over time and can build up to the point where you can hardly use your computer anymore. In instances like this your first reaction might actually be to run out and get recommended upgrades for your Mac computer but the fact of the matter is that there is a new product on the market which can help bring your computer right back up to working order without heavy fees. With Detox my Mac you can have help at your fingertips so that you can get back to having fun on your computer.
You can really get back to almost factory settings and speed but if you don’t think that it works they will give you back 100% of the money that you spend on their one time fee of $37.95. That’s right during the first 60 days if you do not like what it has done in making your computer faster they will give you back your money no questions asked.

People use their computers every single day and they don’t just use it for daily chores but they also can use it to connect to people on social networking sites or with messenger systems which allow people to stay connected. It helps people to make meal plans or entertainment plans as well which means that they can get things done quicker and faster if their computer is running up to speed. If they use their computer every day the files can back up and they could really get some virus which slows the computer down even more and this very powerful program truly allows you to clean down your computer and get rid of everything that doesn’t need to be there. You can go back to doing what you normally do and just really get on with life. This program scans with 32 levels so that makes it the most powerful and innovative program on the market for Mac computers. What it will do for you might save you thousands of dollars later on down the road and that could be a lifesaver to most every day computer users. No matter what you use the computer for you can really and truly get the saving and speed that you deserve with the Detox my Mac program.

You will get live 24 hour a day 7 day a week support included with the one time fee and also get upgrades for the program at zero cost to you. This is an absolutely safe and trusted program which will give you the peace of mind that you need to want to use it over and over again. When your Mac computer is clean and tidy on the inside you will not have to worry about how long you will take to do a simple task you can just get it done and get on with life. It’s an instant download once you pay for the one time fee and then it’s just a couple of clicks and a few minutes of your time while the program cleans your computer totally. Once your computer is clean you can use it any time you want to and get the same results over and over again. Click Here!


FTP Client Software Hosting For The Beginners

FTP Icon

Image by Knut Arne Kork

The transferring of the files between your PC and another server is done using FTP client software. If your website is designed by a professional web designer company, then they will be taking care of uploading the website to the server. However; if you are doing it yourself then there are several paid and free FTP client software that can easily downloaded from the Internet. Make sure that the software is compatible with your PC’s operating system and also has a built in support.
Once the downloading is done, all it requires doing is installing same and an FTP account details from your web hosting provider. If you are going for a paid one, the price will vary depending on the features you have picked. Therefore, choose carefully and accordingly your requirements for your business process.

Whether you’re a novice or a WebMaster, click here to download the best FTP program instantly.


Spring Clean Special for Your Video Libary

Roxio Easy VHS to DVD BannerSave your precious home movies from the ravages of wear and fading by digitizing them with the new Roxio Easy VHS to DVD® 3 Plus. Then convert them to iPad® format, smartphone or streaming box; burn them to DVD; upload them to YouTube™ or Facebook®; or share movies on DVD. The new version 3 includes improved stabilization for shaky videos, transitions and rolling credits, and the ability to preview in full-screen while editing.

Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 is availble for both, Mac and Windows, it includes the hardware and software tools you need and, in easy three steps, you can capture and convert almost any analog video.

Get a 15$ price reduction on Roxio Easy VHS to DVD by buying up before 7/15/2013 and using the coupon code:
- for Mac: EVHSMAC15   Click Here
- for Windows: EVHS3PLUS15   Click Here


MacScan – Spyware Cleaner for Mac Computers

spyware cleaner for mac

Image by Davey Jacobson

Using a spyware cleaner for Mac Computers is recommended because it is no longer a problem just for PC/ Laptop users running Windows

MacScan – Spyware cleaner for Mac is increasing its market share, when people realized that their systems are easy to catch malware/viruses and thus installing the Mac spyware seems to be a sensible decision. It delivers essential security to keep your Mac protected from various online threats and viruses.
This spyware cleaner for Mac has a user friendly interface that runs silently in the background without disturbing your online experience. The developer firm even provides you with regular update alerts to ensure you are secured from the latest threats. A internet security solution which is designed exclusively to protect your important stuff right from data to picture to movies to simple routine stuff.


3D Animated Screen savers – Today’s Generation Screen Savers

The most beautiful and realistic are made in 3D. There is no denying the fact that they make a dynamic screensavers for your desktop. Today there are wide ranging of 3D screen savers but the most popular are 3D animated screen savers. These are the screen savers that take us to another world and providing a calming effect.
The world of 3D has gone through a lot of advanced changes.

The 3D animated screen savers looks so real that you feel like touching it, feeling it as if they were true. The animated screen savers in 3D are now available for all occasion right for Christmas to watching butterflies to some cartoon oriented to just naturist scene running.

Buy Animated 3D Screensaver


The Advantages Of Car Repair Shop Management Software

repair_shop_calendar_softwareIt is one of those things that is being constantly explored on the web is how to improve your customer service for your business. If you happen to be a car repair shop owner than certainly you would like to improve, maximize your business and that you can make it happen through the car repair shop management software.
This software helps you in streamlining your shop operations, saving your time and money. Even though you are not a computer savvy person, you will be easily able to operate this software. The software comes with varied features such as inventory tracking, customer relationships, repair orders, customer follow-up alerts, reporting, profit and loss accounts etc. Also, you can order customize one as per your shop requirements.

The Perfect Online Booking System for Repair Shops! Click Here


ACD Systems- Digital Imaging Software


Image from http://chandrafahrezha.deviantart.com/

ACD Systems digital imaging software is the answer to your all queries related to photo editing. The ACD System is a liberated digital image editing and management provider across the world.
The digital imaging software from ACD Systems is recognized all over the world for its hi-end digital management and technical illustrations offering a cutting edge results to the users. The software incorporates variety of digital photo imaging technologies that gives life to your traditional photographs. Now, editing, printing, sharing, displaying and storing are easy and gone beyond those photo developing conventional dark rooms. Using this software is more about exploring an art form.

Find the perfect digital photo software to fit your needs at ACD Systems! Click Here


VMWare Fusion 5- Run Windows Program On Mac

apple_with_windows_logoVMWare Fusion 5 is a brilliant software solution that permits running of x86 operating systems on Mac OS X on the virtual machines. Virtual machines that are developed with VMWare fusion runs efficiently and fast and lets Mac users to activate many instances of emulated operating systems in conjunction with Mac Programs. With such kinds of access and power to all the operating systems, the productivity is bound to rise.
VMWare Fusion 5 is a maintenance release and updates that is freely available for VMWare Fusion 5 users. This software resolves some of the major known issues that resolve in a breeze. It comes loaded with more than seventy features that include faster graphics, better performance, and enhanced UI geared productivity.

In honor of Earth Day VMware has put together a special offer for our readers!
Fusion 5 & Upgrade 10% Off, Workstion 9 & Upgrade 15% Off, Fusion 5 Pro & Upgrade 20% Off Click Here


Take Back Your Lost iPhone Content

It is a common scenario that a cell phone losses data within. Apple’s iPhone is a known product and highly esteemed one, though many times people have faced a situation where they have lost their data, pictures, videos and other stuff which is extremely devastating.

With the help of iPhone data recovery software it is possible to recover your iPhone contents. The recovery software is the powerful one and creates a backup of your iPhone contents. Some of the brilliant features of the software include:

  • The software is a compatible with all the versions of iPhone, iTouch, iPod and iPad
  • It possess read only program
  • Messages can be transferred to the multiple versions
  • Deleted data can also be recovered
  • Formatted data can also be recovered

The software is reliable that can recover as well as create a backup data immediately.

Control Your iPhone Content With a Mac!  CLICK HERE

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