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Is It Possible to Create a Digital Magazine From PDF Files?

Credit to Flipbuilder.com

Are you thinking to convert PDF to Flipbook? Yes it is possible, there is lots of software available that convert PDF to Flipbook that offers great solution to make ordinary PDF files into flash flipbook. With this kind of software application you can also convert any PDF documents to e-newspaper, digital booklets, online catalogs, online magazines and other publication. Also, you can share your stuff online.

The added benefit to Flipbook users is ease in locating the content which makes it more pleasurable and time saver reading experience. With this, the users also get the benefit of comprehensive interactive documents that is embedded with picture, multimedia features and videos. With this software solution, available for both OS, Windows and Mac, you will not require having flash programming skills, just import your PDF files and then pick the theme templates from the variety of preset published as a HTML/Screensaver/Mac app etc.

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Create Ringtones From Audio Files

There are several solutions to convert MP3 to iPhone ringtone. You simply need to collect all your audio files in one folder first. You may then transfer the files to your smartphone via its USB connection.

Users can also e-mail each individual file to their central folders or FTP sites. Once the files are secured, you will need to download a conversion program. This can be found at the application store, or by simply browsing the Internet.

The software application will instantly transfer audio files to ring tones. Customers may then place these tones in their folders, and designate them to respond to certain actions. This includes when the smartphone rings, or when you receive a text message or file.

Ring tones continue to soar in worldwide popularity. From Rock & Roll and dance to house music, there are thousands of different tones available for download and purchase. There are times, however, when people need to customize their sounds.

In fact, they want to transfer their favorite existing songs to these tones as well. If you want to do that, you should first check to see if there is a ring tone for your particular song present. If there is, simply download it and transfer it to your tones folder. If there is not, you will have to download or purchase a ring tone converter. This is the only way you can transfer our favorite music to playable tones.

If you want to enhance your mobile phone, ring tones are the perfect way to go. These tones are not just music. In fact, they speak volumes about your musical tastes and styles. For example: if you like rock and roll, you may convert your favorite rock song into a tone.

Similarly, if you like disco or opera, you may convert those songs as well. When it comes to wireless units, the sky is simply the limit. There are so many modifications you can make to your ringer.

In fact, users can replace the generic and standard themes with more contemporary and modern ballads. You can then apply and implement these tones across the board. This includes incoming calls, as well as SMS messages. You can also use these tones for any messages you want to leave for callers.

Users may also convert music files to tones online too. In fact, there are hundreds of sites that feature embedded software for this purpose. Simply browse the Internet to find these sites.

Once you find the right site, simply upload your song to its conversion portal. You may also be able to enter website addresses that entail these songs as well. Once the link or song is accepted, press transfer and your ring tone will be created in a few minutes.

At times, however, certain links and songs will not be accepted. This, of course, is due to licensing issues, which prevent some songs from being converted to tones. If this happens to you, simply check to see which songs are in the public domain. You may then select songs that are legally allowed to be transferred.

If you want to convert MP3 to iPhone ringtone, simply check out the iPhone ringtone maker at APPCRAFT!: http://iphone-ringtone-maker.appcraft.org


What Is Application Software And Its Examples

Many people wonder what is application software. It is designed to help computer users to do certain tasks. It is sometimes referred to as an app. Some of its examples include programs made for accounting, graphics, office suites and media players. Many of these programs are concerned with documents. They are sometimes bundled with a computer or they are made separately.

In recent years apps have also been developed for mobile phones. Application software is different from middle-ware and system software which are used to integrate and manage the capabilities of the computer. They do not help in the performance of processes that benefit the user directly. Instead they serve the applications which then serve the computer user.

To understand this concept well we can use an example of a shopping mall. It does not provide the merchandise that customers need. Instead it provides space for retailers who then serve clients. Apps use the power of the platform that they are run on. Some are capable of running on different platforms. There are different categories of applications. They can be divided into two, vertical and horizontal applications. Horizontal ones are very popular with companies or departments while vertical applications are made for specific businesses or divisions in a firm. There are several different types of applications.

One is a suite which is made up of several applications bundled together. Usually such programs serve functions that are related and they share similar interfaces and features. They are also able to interact. A good example is Microsoft office which consists of a spreadsheet, a word processor and a database program among others.

Another type is enterprise programs. This is made to meet specific needs in an organization. Good examples include customer relationship management, financial systems as well as programs designed for managing supply chains. Applications for enterprise infrastructure are another type that provides the capabilities necessary to support enterprise systems. Email servers, databases and network management systems are good examples of this.

Information worker applications are used by users to create and manage information for projects in a department. Good examples are documentation tools, analytical, resource management and time management. Content access applications are designed to help in accessing content without having to edit it. They are used to meet needs of people who want to consume digital published content and entertainment. Examples are web browsers and media players.

Educational applications are adapted for use by educators and students. They are used to give evaluations and track progress though collaborative and material capabilities. Another type of app is simulation software which is used to simulate abstract or physical systems for training, entertainment or research purposes. Media development applications are designed to generate electronic and print media in an educational setting or for commercial purposes. Digital animation and HTML editors are good examples of this. Applications for product engineering are made to develop software as well as hardware components. They include computer aided design and computer aided engineering among others.

In case you are not sure what is application software it can also be classified according to the platforms it runs on. These include particular operating systems such as Windows and Linux. It can also be categorized according to delivery networks. Examples are Web 2.0 applications and cloud computing.

Ever wonder: What is application software? You will get a detailed summary of the features of application software and more information about the TextPipe Pro program at http://www.appcraft.org today.


Wondershare’s slide show creator and PDF converter for Mac gets a upgrade

Wonderhare has been upgraded three products of their software collection with some new useful functions.

1. Wondershare PDF Converter Pro for Mac 3.0.0

What’s new:
1.Supported Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion;
2.Supported detecting scanned PDF automatically;
3.Optimized the layout of the output Word document;
4.Limited the trial period to 15 days.

2. Wondershare Fantashow for Mac 2.0.0 (Slide show creator)

What’s new:
1. Able to make slideshows with photos, videos and music
2. Provides various 3D templates
3. Support adding text captions
4. Available to edit videos and photos like crop, add effect and more
5. Exports to video, DVD or instantly share on YouTube
6. Be compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod, and more.

3. Wondershare Fantashow 2.0.0 for Windows

What’s new:
1. Able to make slideshows with photos, videos and music
2. Provides various 3D templates
3. Support adding text captions
4. Available to edit videos and photos like crop, add effect and more
5. Exports to video, DVD or instantly share on YouTube
6. Be compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod, and more.

Wondershare Fantashow is the cool video tool that makes it easy to meld photos, music, effects and more into a movie metamorphosis.


Xilisoft updates Mac software for Apple’s ‘i’ products

Software developer Xilisoft has had some of iPad, iPhone, iPod software for Mac updated with more functions.

What’s new?
1. Strengthened the function of playlist management.
2. Added the function of copying photos from photo-stream to Mac computer.
3. Added the function of dragging and dropping apps.
4. Fixed the bug of failing to show artworks of music files.

This upgrade including following software products:


iSkysoft upgrades YouTube downloader for Mac

Called iSkysoft iTube Studio, this web video capture software is not only a Youtube downloader for Mac, this tool helps also get videos from Yahoo Video, Google Video, Vimeo, MySpace, Gofish and many other video-sharing sites. The built-in Mac FLV player enables you to view the downloaded FLV videos directly on Mac. Plus, it helps you convert the downloaded videos to any video and audio format of your choice, or convert directly to portable devices like iPhone, iPod, PSP, Zune HD, Creative Zen, Mobile Phone, etc.

What’s new?
1. Fixed all issues downloading YouTube video.
2. Fixed the “disappearing” download button bug.
3. Supports even more popular video sites, including Vimeo, Photobucket, VEVO, Dailymotion, Funnyordie, Veoh, Liveleak, BlipTV, etc.
4. You now have the option to automatically convert downloaded video to MP3 and other popular formats and devices, or manually convert like before.
5. Sort files automatically by name, date, size, format or resolution.
6. Drag and drop to sort the videos.
7. Even easier to use, thanks to enhanced interface and features.
8. 100% compatible with Mac OS X Mountain Lion and Lion

Download updated iTube Studio from iSkysoft


New price offer for Parallels looks great

For a limited time, Parallels Desktop 7 is available for only $59.99. That is 25% off the full version cost, and upgrades are also price-dropped to $29.99 (40% off)! This special price offer is going to run from June 25th through June 30th.

Parallels Desktop 7 boasts more than 90 new and enhanced features.

New features and improvements include:
Simple & Seamless Migration and Daily Use: Brilliant essentials that make everyday use seamless and moving to the Mac even easier.
Immersive Gaming and Graphics: The richest, most immersive experience for graphics and gaming.
Performance: The best overall performance and stability in the market.
Speed: Launch Windows applications faster than ever, with maximum speed for graphics-intensive programs

25% off Parallels Desktop 7–June 25th-30th only!
25% off Parallels Desktop 7 full license, 40% off PD7 upgrades Offer Expires 08/01/12
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Play cheap fun garden game to restore it to former glory

For girls looking for a fun garden game, Gardenscapes is sure to entertain.

Create the perfect garden! Comb the rooms of a gorgeous mansion for hidden items and restore a once stunning garden to its former glory. Choose from tons of garden accessories to customize the garden to your taste.

Play it now and save 20% of the regular price!

For PC
Coupon code: PLAY-Y956-RIX

For Mac OS (10.4 10.5)
Coupon code: PLAY-QCMH-SALE


Wondershare released new PDF software nugget

PDF EditorThe software developer Wondershare has been released their newest creation, the Wondershare PDF Editor which comes in two different version, for Windows and Mac OS. This new program is a priceless solution but should be easy to keep up with significant bigger options such as Nitro or Acrobat.

Key features:

- Edit, add, and delete PDF text, objects and images
- Annotate with an array of text, symbol, and freehand tools
- Merge many PDFs into one; split one PDF into several
- Insert, delete, crop and pages to PDF
- Convert PDF to Word (.docx and .doc) and Rich Text (.rtf)
- Support PDFs created in any program (including Acrobat)


Good old and low priced wild west game

golden-trails-western-rushSearch and find intricate scenes in the rush of gunslinger!

Crafty bandits have robbed the bank in the provincial Sunnyvale. And none but you, the brave Sheriff Jack, can solve this knotty case. Search in every nook and cranny in the provincial borough, scour gold mines, Grand Canyon, wigwams, dusty ranches and more to unravel who could realize this insidious heist.

Now 20% off!

Coupon code or Mac: PLAY-Y956-RIX

Coupon code for PC: PLAY-Y956-RIX

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