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Fresh Updated Tansee Software Works Now With iOS 8

Some news from Tansee software developing department.

New product features:

1. Tansee iPhone/iPad/iPod SMS & MMS & iMessage Transfer can now retrieve deleted messages from iTunes backup file, including videos and photos in messages.

2. Tansee iPhone/iPad/iPod Photo & Camera Transfer can now retrieve deleted photos in iPod Photo Cache.

Tansee price updated.

1. Tansee iPhone/iPad/iPod SMS & MMS & iMessage Transfer cost now only $29.95.

2. Tansee iPhone/iPad/iPod Photo & Camera Transfer cost now only $29.95.

A new product is out now, called Tansee All in One Box and includes all Four Tansee Windows products.
Hot price! only $59.80


Pocket PC software – Allow the users to have PC software in their pocket


Photo by amrelkordy @ deviantart.com

The best and famous mobile software which allows the individuals to have the same applications in their phones like their PC is having is Pocket PC software. It also allows the individuals to get the famous applications in their phones which make them user-friendly and they can access from anywhere without moving to PC. They are getting the applications of video recorder along with FTP client and medical information tracking which is software found on PC. In other words it is making the task easier for users as they can see all important things in phone rather than going for laptops and desktop.

A fast, easy and reliable way to transfer files and directories (upload or download) between your Pocket PC, and the FTP server – download here!


Get Your Own Custom Ringtones


Credit to azure-lycoris from deviantart.com

One of the best feature of phone is that users can make custom iPhone ringtones where they have to follow some simple steps to do so. The first step the users is moving towards is selecting the song which he wants in ringtone by selecting the main part. Users will go for ok button where the length of song is decided by the users, they will further go to such parts which will allow the software to convert the songs. After converting click the keep files button where the ringtone will automatically moves to iTunes music folder from where you can select your song as main ringtone.

Make ringtones from any video or music file you like click here


Innovative Remote Support Software For Windows

radmin_bannerRadmin Remote Support Software is the special software which is designed for the windows. This kind of software provides safest and fastest modes to the users where they can view their remote computer screen on their local monitor. There are various modes chosen by the users to takes the benefit of using this software in full screen display or normal view. All the key functions along with mouse movements are directly transferred to remote computers. One of the great features of this software is that it allows the safety level to the computers where this software needs the special login and password of the users who are availing the facility of Radmin.

RADMIN: Fast Remote Control Software. Click Here


McAfee April Rebate 50% OFF – no joke for April Fools’

Credit to evolution99 & Hunterb8 from deviantart.com

We’re excited to announce the 50% discount extension of McAfee top security products.

McAfee® All Access 2013 – Save 50%
MSRP $99.99, Sale price $49.99
All your devices. All your stuff. All protected.

McAfee® Total Protection™ 2013 – Save 50%
MSRP $89.99, Sale price $44.99
Ultimate security for total peace of mind.

McAfee® Internet Security 2013 – Save 50%
MSRP $79.99, Sale price $39.99
Comprehensive security to freely explore online.

McAfee® AntiVirus Plus 2013 – Save 50%
MSRP $49.99, Sale price $24.99
Essential security to protect against viruses

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Take Back Your Lost iPhone Content

It is a common scenario that a cell phone losses data within. Apple’s iPhone is a known product and highly esteemed one, though many times people have faced a situation where they have lost their data, pictures, videos and other stuff which is extremely devastating.

With the help of iPhone data recovery software it is possible to recover your iPhone contents. The recovery software is the powerful one and creates a backup of your iPhone contents. Some of the brilliant features of the software include:

  • The software is a compatible with all the versions of iPhone, iTouch, iPod and iPad
  • It possess read only program
  • Messages can be transferred to the multiple versions
  • Deleted data can also be recovered
  • Formatted data can also be recovered

The software is reliable that can recover as well as create a backup data immediately.

Control Your iPhone Content With a Mac!  CLICK HERE


Audials Moviebox – Many Useful Features to Help Managing Your Videotheque


Audials Moviebox is a very comprehensive multi-media application. This application allows you to download videos, synchronize media collection, rip DVDs, videos from any website along with playing videos that comes with a built in audio/video converter.

To find a high-end software apparatus that is available freely is not easy. The outline context is user friendly that even a novice finds easy in using. Every instruction is simple and non-complex that you don’t have the need to consult anyone about it works. The app can be used for synchronizing the media library to the other devices, for backup on cloud services or just to play your media files from the other devices.

Get a special price!
Audials Moviebox 10 Discount
Offer Expires 10/31/13     Coupon Code: MB5ER


Create Ringtones From Audio Files

There are several solutions to convert MP3 to iPhone ringtone. You simply need to collect all your audio files in one folder first. You may then transfer the files to your smartphone via its USB connection.

Users can also e-mail each individual file to their central folders or FTP sites. Once the files are secured, you will need to download a conversion program. This can be found at the application store, or by simply browsing the Internet.

The software application will instantly transfer audio files to ring tones. Customers may then place these tones in their folders, and designate them to respond to certain actions. This includes when the smartphone rings, or when you receive a text message or file.

Ring tones continue to soar in worldwide popularity. From Rock & Roll and dance to house music, there are thousands of different tones available for download and purchase. There are times, however, when people need to customize their sounds.

In fact, they want to transfer their favorite existing songs to these tones as well. If you want to do that, you should first check to see if there is a ring tone for your particular song present. If there is, simply download it and transfer it to your tones folder. If there is not, you will have to download or purchase a ring tone converter. This is the only way you can transfer our favorite music to playable tones.

If you want to enhance your mobile phone, ring tones are the perfect way to go. These tones are not just music. In fact, they speak volumes about your musical tastes and styles. For example: if you like rock and roll, you may convert your favorite rock song into a tone.

Similarly, if you like disco or opera, you may convert those songs as well. When it comes to wireless units, the sky is simply the limit. There are so many modifications you can make to your ringer.

In fact, users can replace the generic and standard themes with more contemporary and modern ballads. You can then apply and implement these tones across the board. This includes incoming calls, as well as SMS messages. You can also use these tones for any messages you want to leave for callers.

Users may also convert music files to tones online too. In fact, there are hundreds of sites that feature embedded software for this purpose. Simply browse the Internet to find these sites.

Once you find the right site, simply upload your song to its conversion portal. You may also be able to enter website addresses that entail these songs as well. Once the link or song is accepted, press transfer and your ring tone will be created in a few minutes.

At times, however, certain links and songs will not be accepted. This, of course, is due to licensing issues, which prevent some songs from being converted to tones. If this happens to you, simply check to see which songs are in the public domain. You may then select songs that are legally allowed to be transferred.

If you want to convert MP3 to iPhone ringtone, simply check out the iPhone ringtone maker at APPCRAFT!: http://iphone-ringtone-maker.appcraft.org


What Is Application Software And Its Examples

Many people wonder what is application software. It is designed to help computer users to do certain tasks. It is sometimes referred to as an app. Some of its examples include programs made for accounting, graphics, office suites and media players. Many of these programs are concerned with documents. They are sometimes bundled with a computer or they are made separately.

In recent years apps have also been developed for mobile phones. Application software is different from middle-ware and system software which are used to integrate and manage the capabilities of the computer. They do not help in the performance of processes that benefit the user directly. Instead they serve the applications which then serve the computer user.

To understand this concept well we can use an example of a shopping mall. It does not provide the merchandise that customers need. Instead it provides space for retailers who then serve clients. Apps use the power of the platform that they are run on. Some are capable of running on different platforms. There are different categories of applications. They can be divided into two, vertical and horizontal applications. Horizontal ones are very popular with companies or departments while vertical applications are made for specific businesses or divisions in a firm. There are several different types of applications.

One is a suite which is made up of several applications bundled together. Usually such programs serve functions that are related and they share similar interfaces and features. They are also able to interact. A good example is Microsoft office which consists of a spreadsheet, a word processor and a database program among others.

Another type is enterprise programs. This is made to meet specific needs in an organization. Good examples include customer relationship management, financial systems as well as programs designed for managing supply chains. Applications for enterprise infrastructure are another type that provides the capabilities necessary to support enterprise systems. Email servers, databases and network management systems are good examples of this.

Information worker applications are used by users to create and manage information for projects in a department. Good examples are documentation tools, analytical, resource management and time management. Content access applications are designed to help in accessing content without having to edit it. They are used to meet needs of people who want to consume digital published content and entertainment. Examples are web browsers and media players.

Educational applications are adapted for use by educators and students. They are used to give evaluations and track progress though collaborative and material capabilities. Another type of app is simulation software which is used to simulate abstract or physical systems for training, entertainment or research purposes. Media development applications are designed to generate electronic and print media in an educational setting or for commercial purposes. Digital animation and HTML editors are good examples of this. Applications for product engineering are made to develop software as well as hardware components. They include computer aided design and computer aided engineering among others.

In case you are not sure what is application software it can also be classified according to the platforms it runs on. These include particular operating systems such as Windows and Linux. It can also be categorized according to delivery networks. Examples are Web 2.0 applications and cloud computing.

Ever wonder: What is application software? You will get a detailed summary of the features of application software and more information about the TextPipe Pro program at http://www.appcraft.org today.


New features implemented in imTOO’s iPhone transfer software

Recently the software developer firm imTOO upgrades iPhone Transfer Plus, an iTunes alternative to backup movies, music and photos, and implemented some new useful features in the “Plus” version.

And what’s now new?
1. Transfer iPhone Apps between computers and your iPhone.
2. Manage iPhone Apps documents easily.

Audials One - enjoy your music

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