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Whopping Email Marketing Profits for Small Business

I wanted to let you know about some new software application I’ve been using with phenomenal success over the past few months. The software is called Fluttermail and it’s highly favorable if you’re looking to keep in regular contact with your existing and new customers. Fluttermail should give you the reliability in an email provider that you’re looking for. I truly believe this is one of the smartest and easiest decisions you’ll ever have to make, you should give it a go.


Fresh Updated Tansee Software Works Now With iOS 8

Some news from Tansee software developing department.

New product features:

1. Tansee iPhone/iPad/iPod SMS & MMS & iMessage Transfer can now retrieve deleted messages from iTunes backup file, including videos and photos in messages.

2. Tansee iPhone/iPad/iPod Photo & Camera Transfer can now retrieve deleted photos in iPod Photo Cache.

Tansee price updated.

1. Tansee iPhone/iPad/iPod SMS & MMS & iMessage Transfer cost now only $29.95.

2. Tansee iPhone/iPad/iPod Photo & Camera Transfer cost now only $29.95.

A new product is out now, called Tansee All in One Box and includes all Four Tansee Windows products.
Hot price! only $59.80


Special Offer: Get a New Voice Through Voice Changer on Computer

Halloween is Coming Around the Corner and Get a Scary New Voice Through Voice Changer

Audio4fun.com is now offering a great discount up to 50% OFF for its products.

Changing voice through voice changer is a new hype in the technical world these days. With the use of AV Voice Changer software and related solutions that supports voice change; you can have immense possibilities of being what you are not!
Voice changing software makes a great step further and any voice or sound that goes through a computer can be changed dramatically thanks to the new software technology, i.e. voice chat, IP phoning, computer recording, music playing, internet streaming,…

voice through voice changer

There are many more fabulous possibilities you might want to discover:

  • Sexier voices, more self-confidence
  • Fun in chat zone, phone, games and more
  • Create your own character online
  • Role-playing gadget
  • Do-it-yourself voice-overs
  • Funny voicemail greetings and messages
  • Song re-mixing
  • Home audio recording studio
  • Humorous celebrity prank calls, parodies
  • Exciting conversational environment
  • Voice actor tool
  • Funny mp3 ringtone creator
  • Voice mimicker
  • All-in-one audio morphing application
  • Vocal improved voice through voice changer
  • Karaoke lover’s gizmo
  • Hollywood-style sound effects
  • Improved with non-human voices and more background effects
  • Fast sound/audio morphing and converting
  • Fast and convenient music converter
  • …and much more.

All the discount of the AV Voice Changer software and related programs are valid from October 25 through November 3rd , 2013.
Here is the coupon code: HALL-7TS7-PECN
Download software now click here!


Updated 2014 McAfee Removal Tools 50% Off

McAfee has been released the newest versions of their world class, home used products to help keep online lives safe.
Because we value our reader, you are able to get these new products at 50% off.

Now $49.99

    • McAfee Total Protection: MSRP $89.99

Now $44.99

    • McAfee Internet Security: MSRP $79.99

Now $39.99

    • McAfee Antivirus Plus: MSRP $49.99

Now $24.99

    • McAfee Mobile Security – Smartphone: MSRP $29.99

Now $14.99

Now $14.99

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FTP Client Software Hosting For The Beginners

FTP Icon

Image by Knut Arne Kork

The transferring of the files between your PC and another server is done using FTP client software. If your website is designed by a professional web designer company, then they will be taking care of uploading the website to the server. However; if you are doing it yourself then there are several paid and free FTP client software that can easily downloaded from the Internet. Make sure that the software is compatible with your PC’s operating system and also has a built in support.
Once the downloading is done, all it requires doing is installing same and an FTP account details from your web hosting provider. If you are going for a paid one, the price will vary depending on the features you have picked. Therefore, choose carefully and accordingly your requirements for your business process.

Whether you’re a novice or a WebMaster, click here to download the best FTP program instantly.


Share Your Spring Break Fun with Discounted Creator NXT

Roxio Creator BannerCreator NXT, developed by Roxio, can capture, create and share all you digital media. Easily edit and enhance videos and photos, then share them on popular devices and websites. Get creative with amazing video effects, powerful photo editing tools, audio enhancing capabilities and fun photo projects. Plus, rip music and burn, copy and preserve your files. Don’t wait till you get home to edit and share your vacation photos and videos. Take friends and family along for the ride with Roxio Creator NXT.
And the best news…Corel PaintShop Pro, the powerful high-end photo editor that normally costs $79.99, yet it’s now included with Creator NXT at no extra charge!

Get a 30% reduction on Roxio Creator NXT by buying up before 7/15/2013 and using the coupon code CREATORSAVE30 Click Here


Webcam Surveillance Programs Free Demo Download Recommended

webcam surveillance programs free

by Kitten @ deviantart.com

Good websites offering webcam surveillance programs free demo downloads to see how it works.

We all wanted our home and loved ones to be protected when we are out for the work or on a holiday. Not just home, there are bigger organizations that have professional security systems within their offices to ensure the safety of their employees and business.

For those who are not able to afford much but still wanted to have a good security for their homes/businesses, webcam surveillance software is the best one to opt for. As a matter of fact, the software lets you detect and capture the motion the event within milliseconds. The software is extremely hit amongst those who are looking for an affordable solution yet a quality one.

Get a webcam surveillance programs free demo download today! Click Here


Email Business Marketing Software To Grow Online

email business marketing software

Email business marketing software are something a must have thing if you want a successful online business.

Email marketing for the win, according to Harvard and companies of all sizes can use email marketing to promote their brands at a low cost. However, the software tools vary as per how a business owner needs it. Majority the features are same, but there are some features that acts like an add-on or you can customized it from a company who can design it for you. This will be only helpful only when you have larger online business.
Setting the email business marketing software can help a lot in making your online business a success. There is lots of software that you can choose from suiting your business requirements. If you have to do just the basic emailing thing than it is suggested to begin with a starting package, it is when you grow familiar with the working pattern you can utilized the one with enhanced features.

VIDEO: Bulk Email Sender


Easy Convert AVI in DVD Format For Playing or For Protection

convert avi in dvd

Convert AVI in DVD format and all your downloaded, good movies are secure!

Are you finding a way to burn your all favorite songs, movies, home videos to the DVD?
Though you have an AVI files, so how you are going to convert AVI in DVD format to burn it? Many people are looking for the best solution to convert AVI to DVD format a software solution which creates high quality DVD files for play it with a player or for backing up to protect the lovely film.
Normally, there are some simple steps for basic conversion from AVI files onto DVD after installation of the preferred software program.

1) Insert your AVI files into software

2) Insert a blank DVD if you wish to burn your conversion straight to DVD

3) Press “Convert” and the software programs starts to make the job.

Try Now! Cick on the following link: Free download AVI to DVD converter software

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