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Take Back Your Lost iPhone Content

It is a common scenario that a cell phone losses data within. Apple’s iPhone is a known product and highly esteemed one, though many times people have faced a situation where they have lost their data, pictures, videos and other stuff which is extremely devastating.

With the help of iPhone data recovery software it is possible to recover your iPhone contents. The recovery software is the powerful one and creates a backup of your iPhone contents. Some of the brilliant features of the software include:

  • The software is a compatible with all the versions of iPhone, iTouch, iPod and iPad
  • It possess read only program
  • Messages can be transferred to the multiple versions
  • Deleted data can also be recovered
  • Formatted data can also be recovered

The software is reliable that can recover as well as create a backup data immediately.

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Create Ringtones From Audio Files

There are several solutions to convert MP3 to iPhone ringtone. You simply need to collect all your audio files in one folder first. You may then transfer the files to your smartphone via its USB connection.

Users can also e-mail each individual file to their central folders or FTP sites. Once the files are secured, you will need to download a conversion program. This can be found at the application store, or by simply browsing the Internet.

The software application will instantly transfer audio files to ring tones. Customers may then place these tones in their folders, and designate them to respond to certain actions. This includes when the smartphone rings, or when you receive a text message or file.

Ring tones continue to soar in worldwide popularity. From Rock & Roll and dance to house music, there are thousands of different tones available for download and purchase. There are times, however, when people need to customize their sounds.

In fact, they want to transfer their favorite existing songs to these tones as well. If you want to do that, you should first check to see if there is a ring tone for your particular song present. If there is, simply download it and transfer it to your tones folder. If there is not, you will have to download or purchase a ring tone converter. This is the only way you can transfer our favorite music to playable tones.

If you want to enhance your mobile phone, ring tones are the perfect way to go. These tones are not just music. In fact, they speak volumes about your musical tastes and styles. For example: if you like rock and roll, you may convert your favorite rock song into a tone.

Similarly, if you like disco or opera, you may convert those songs as well. When it comes to wireless units, the sky is simply the limit. There are so many modifications you can make to your ringer.

In fact, users can replace the generic and standard themes with more contemporary and modern ballads. You can then apply and implement these tones across the board. This includes incoming calls, as well as SMS messages. You can also use these tones for any messages you want to leave for callers.

Users may also convert music files to tones online too. In fact, there are hundreds of sites that feature embedded software for this purpose. Simply browse the Internet to find these sites.

Once you find the right site, simply upload your song to its conversion portal. You may also be able to enter website addresses that entail these songs as well. Once the link or song is accepted, press transfer and your ring tone will be created in a few minutes.

At times, however, certain links and songs will not be accepted. This, of course, is due to licensing issues, which prevent some songs from being converted to tones. If this happens to you, simply check to see which songs are in the public domain. You may then select songs that are legally allowed to be transferred.

If you want to convert MP3 to iPhone ringtone, simply check out the iPhone ringtone maker at APPCRAFT!: http://iphone-ringtone-maker.appcraft.org


Xilisoft updates Mac software for Apple’s ‘i’ products

Software developer Xilisoft has had some of iPad, iPhone, iPod software for Mac updated with more functions.

What’s new?
1. Strengthened the function of playlist management.
2. Added the function of copying photos from photo-stream to Mac computer.
3. Added the function of dragging and dropping apps.
4. Fixed the bug of failing to show artworks of music files.

This upgrade including following software products:


New features implemented in imTOO’s iPhone transfer software

Recently the software developer firm imTOO upgrades iPhone Transfer Plus, an iTunes alternative to backup movies, music and photos, and implemented some new useful features in the “Plus” version.

And what’s now new?
1. Transfer iPhone Apps between computers and your iPhone.
2. Manage iPhone Apps documents easily.


Get A Cheap Popcorn For Your Mobile Cinema

roxio-popcorn-boxshotNew Popcorn 4 offers the best way to copy DVDs on the Mac. Easily convert video for your iPod®, iPhone™ or other device. Stream video from your Mac to your TiVo DVR. Publish converted video directly to YouTube. Burn up to 4 hours of video on a single DVD.

  • Copy DVDs*, disc image files with DVD-Video folders. Fit-To-DVD™ technology puts a 9 GB DVD onto a 4.7 GB disc.
  • Easily browse and extract video clips or music from your favorite DVD movies.* Quickly browse through entire discs, titles, and chapters to find that special moment.
  • Pause and Resume CPU-intensive video conversion projects for full control of your Mac when you need it. Now with scheduling and improved Video Quality Preview.
  • Convert high-definition video including AVCHD™ and the new AVCHD Lite™, MKV, and QuickTime® formats. Easily convert for playback on your iPod, iPhone and other mobile devices.
  • Popcorn makes it easy to share your video. Burn up to 4 hours of video on a single DVD, convert your standard and HD video to many formats including FLV video for Adobe® Flash® or publish directly to YouTube™.
  • Transfer, burn and convert standard and HD recordings from your TiVo DVR with TiVoToGo transfers. Even stream video from your Mac to your TiVo DVR for living room viewing.

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Export iPhone Contacts to Mac Now Per Wi-Fi

Recently Xilisoft updated iPhone Contacts Backup for Mac to version, which added the following features:

1 Backup SMS
2 Transfer files via Wi-Fi
3 Support the new iPad

These new 3 features working on iPod and iPad also and making the job much easier.


4Media iPhone Contacts Transfer to Mac Under 14$ Now

4Media iPhone Contacts Transfer for Mac will offer you to rest at ease with state-of-the-art contacts software! Let 4Media iPhone Contacts Transfer for Mac organize all of your contacts for you by backing up, importing, saving, restoring your contacts, and even directly transferring your contacts in CSV/vCard files to your favorite address books!

Now 15% Off!

Here are the coupon link:


ImTOO Enhanced Their Mac Software Solutions

Recently, the developer firm ImTOO updated the their iPad/iPhone/iPod software for Mac users:

ImTOO iPad Mate Platinum for Mac
ImTOO iPhone Transfer Platinum for Mac
PodWorks Platinum for Mac
ImTOO iPad Mate for Mac
ImTOO iPad to Mac Transfer
PodWorks for Mac
ImTOO iPhone Transfer for Mac
ImTOO iPhone Transfer Plus for Mac
ImTOO iPod Computer Transfer for Mac
ImTOO iTransfer Platinum for Mac

What’s New in these products?
1. Backup SMS in your iPhone.
2. Transfer files between iPad/iPhone/iPod via Wi-Fi.

More Infos Here


New iOS App Connects You to Xbox 360

My Xbox Live iPhone

Credit: Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET

Called My Xbox Live, it was released yesterday and is a universal iOS app that connects you with Microsoft’s gaming service for Xbox 360. With this free app, you’ll now be able to connect with your personal account on Xbox Live.

With My Xbox Live, you’ll now be able to connect with friends, customize your avatar, track achievements, and more, all from your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. You can then view your friends’ gamer cards, compare your achievements on games, and view recently played games.
Read more


How To Use The iPhone Gmail App

When the iPhone was first launched, iPhone developers quickly learned Apple didn’t hesitate to enforce its application standards on application store developers. Luckily, over time, Apple loosened up on some of the applications that competed more directly with them, including mail. You can now install Google’s Gmail application directly on the iPhone and other iOS devices.

If you use Mail on your iOS device to mostly read and file email, versus responding and following up on email, the Gmail app has several advantages over the native Mail application. The screen offers instant filing of the message(s) from the inbox view; messages can be starred for follow up / sorting later; and if you use Google’s archive features, then those archived messages can be accessed with two simple clicks. It is also an easy way to share a device between two users and keep the each user’s email separate.

Gmail can be downloaded from the Apps store and at this link. After you install the application and start it, you will be prompted for your Gmail account username and password as shown here.

Read the guide here

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