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Whopping Email Marketing Profits for Small Business

I wanted to let you know about some new software application I’ve been using with phenomenal success over the past few months. The software is called Fluttermail and it’s highly favorable if you’re looking to keep in regular contact with your existing and new customers. Fluttermail should give you the reliability in an email provider that you’re looking for. I truly believe this is one of the smartest and easiest decisions you’ll ever have to make, you should give it a go.


Email Business Marketing Software To Grow Online

email business marketing software

Email business marketing software are something a must have thing if you want a successful online business.

Email marketing for the win, according to Harvard and companies of all sizes can use email marketing to promote their brands at a low cost. However, the software tools vary as per how a business owner needs it. Majority the features are same, but there are some features that acts like an add-on or you can customized it from a company who can design it for you. This will be only helpful only when you have larger online business.
Setting the email business marketing software can help a lot in making your online business a success. There is lots of software that you can choose from suiting your business requirements. If you have to do just the basic emailing thing than it is suggested to begin with a starting package, it is when you grow familiar with the working pattern you can utilized the one with enhanced features.

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Facebook Still the Nr. 1 Social Media Tool for Small Businesses

According to the Fall 2011 Attitudes and Outlook Survey from Constant contact, small businesses are becoming more savvy with social media marketing and are using it more & more to interact with customers.

It’s no surprise that Facebook is the most preferred social media platform; as per reports it is said to be used by 96% of small businesses, this is up from 82% last season. What is interesting though is that 86% of the respondents find it the most effective social media tool for their needs. I wonder why the other 10% continue to use Facebook if they don’t think it is helping their business?

While small businesses are well on board with social media marketing, they do admit that they are lagging behind when it comes to mobile. 72% of the survey respondents said that they have not teamed up mobile with any business functionality. This is a big part of the market they are missing out on but also a great opportunity to explore the mobile media space.
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Source: Rene LeMerle from smallbusinessnewz


Today’s Call Center Software Top 10 Features for Efficiency

Call Center Woman

Credit: Technology Blogged

A wide range of innovations in call center services have expanded in the market during the past few decades. In contrast to traditional call centers, modern ones have found solutions that have increased efficiency and development in the industry. Call service centers of today have managed to develop advanced call center software that has made every task easier, faster, and more effective with reduced call waiting, fewer missed calls, and more improvements.

Below are the 10 important features today’s call center software should offer in order to be employed to its maximum potential:

1.User-friendly layout.

Dependable software should have a general user interface (GUI) that is clear and simple to view or understand. It should be possible to navigate the controls without becoming confused in the process.

2. Adjustability

Valuable software should provide features that can be customized according to company needs. One size does not fit all for all businesses, so this option only makes sense in the professional world.

3. Pop-up screen

Once a call is received, a pop up screen should show up on the screen and present the caller’s name, location, time, past inquiries, and other important information. This helps the agent to personalize the call and build a long-term relationship if possible.

4. Monitoring

The software should allow supervisors to review any daily transaction that takes place between callers and agents. This way, they can enhance the quality of performance.

5. Real-time statistics
Software users will have an easier time working if they could view real time statistics. Users can make the best decisions based on that data….

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